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Are you looking for someone to host a workshop or a lecture within photography, editing, styling or social media? Are you having an event of some sort and want that documented in short video or through photos to share with your target audience?

Do you need help with digital communication, social media strategy, and/or content for your various digital platforms like Instagram, website and YouTube?

Are you looking to learn more about the art of filming and/or video editing in Premier Pro or want a video that highlights your brand, products or services to for marketing purposes in social media?


Or maybe you’re just curious of my services, want to chat and share your thoughts or ask a question? Fill out the contact for below or send me an email at: hello(at)northernheart.se !

No matter if you’re reaching out from a larger brand or you’re a newly started photographer I would love to hear your story and find a way to help you where you’re at in your business and goals.

Let’s chat!

In the meantime, if you’re curious about my background within social media, my services and/or portfolio within photography and video, click the images below:




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