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My name is Maria and Northern Heart is who I am and what I stand for. My studio and home are located in the countryside of Sweden, with the forest and open fields as closest neighbor. The only only sound accompanying the creative process and the beautiful surroundings is the wind dancing in the tree tops.

As a young girl I was always fascinated by nature and the hours spent sitting high up in a tree top or walking barefoot through the forest were many. As I grew up and became an adult I chose to study for 4,5 years at the University, and got a “Magister” in marketing, communication and social media in 2010. A few years later I found myself sitting in an office extremely unhappy, filled with anxiety and stress wondering what had happened to my life. I didn’t understand my unhappiness so I searched for the answer behind a higher salary and climbing further up the career ladder, but no luck.  In 2011 I guess life had it’s own way to shuffle me into the “right path” and  I suffered a Stroke at a very young age. The reason wasn’t stress och health related but, the Stroke was because something very uncommon; a malformed blood vessel in my brain. No matter the reason, I took it as a sign to turn my life around. To gt back to what I loved most, and to share that with the world.

To make a long story short; I quit my job, started  business within photography, digital communication and social media and here I am, 9 years later. My Stroke really became a stroke of luck because it made me realize that nothing was worth being that miserable. Today I live my life close to nature, with one foot firmly grounded in the forest, and one foot in the digital world.

My intense love for the Swedish nature and culture; the silent forest, the crisp air, the midnight sun and the Northern lights, inspired me to start creating and communicating all the beauty I see around me in Sweden and in a blink of an eye (ok, maybe several blinks) Northern Heart was born!

No matter why you’re here, I hope that you will find what you are looking for. If you’re looking to find inspiration in my journal entries, want to pursue a career within photography, searching for handmade wooden cups or maybe looking for online courses to learn more about photography and digital communication you’ve come to the right place!

If you have any questions about me and the services that I offer through Northern Heart, don’t hesitate to fill in the contact form on the contact page here, or send an email to; hello(at)northernheart.se

Puss & Kram (kiss & hug in Swedish) /Maria

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