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My Studio

I am a Sweden based photographer with a passion for nature, back-lit photography and the small details and moments in life. I live in the Swedish countryside, in a classic Swedish red house with white trim that is so common in here. This is where I find my inspiration to everything I do and create, this is where I find my peace. My two little furry girls joins me in my daily work in my studio and do their best to disturb me in any way possible, and I love them for it!

This is my home and my studio and it is where I paint, where I shoot all my studio photography, where I find inspiration and do all my “behind the computer” assignments that is a part of my job as well as shot many of my nature bound photos.

For me it is important to surround myself with things I love, that calms me, and that have natural muted earthy tones. What I surround myself with affects my thinking and my mindset, what I think of, and my mindset, affects my actions, and my actions become who I am and what I stand for. Hence, for me it is of great importance to keep one foot firmly grounded in nature, in the forest and in the slow countryside life while still doing business in this digital world!