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Since I was a child I have loved the Swedish nature and our 4 seasons. They all have their beauty and within each season, their is something unique that sparks joy within me. I love our long, bright and cooler summers, our vibrant and colorful autumns, winters with roaring fireplaces, beautiful snowfalls and exciting outdoor activities and then spring with chirping birds and beautiful flowers. I always felt that others didn’t quite understand and appreciate it all like I did. It was like my experience of the beauty that I saw around me was hidden, for my eyes only.

It wasn’t until I “found” photography – or it found me, and then videography that I felt I hade de knowledge as well as the opportunity to share the beauty around me in a way that others could understand. Through photos and videos, which also added the visual effects of nature and carefully selected music, I felt that I could finally communicate all that I felt inside.

Photography and videography is all about telling a story, to invite someone else to your interpretation of the world around you. One story that I felt eager to tell was the story of our Swedish traditions, culture and beautiful places to visit. I wanted Sweden with the world, but also with other Swedes who might have forgotten the beauty of our own little country.

After my Stroke, I realized that this is where my passions was, and had been all along. It had just felt impossible to pursue them.

Maybe you’ve seen some of my blog category about Swedish traditions already? If not, there are many videos to dive into! What about my 24 episodes long Christmas Calendar series? Or perhaps you want to learn more about how to make Swedish “lussekatter”, a saffron bun that we eat during the Christmas celebrations? Or perhaps you want to learn more about our Swedish pastry “semla”, how I prepare for winter in our old Swedish house, what you can do to manage the dark Swedish winters or just hear more about the folklore behind our Midsummer traditions? Check out all the links above and find more posts about our Swedish traditions and way of life!

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