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One of my favorite activities is hosting, and going, to workshops. The”at the table” workshop I hosted and planned together with Agnes from Cashew Kitchen that took place at Dala-Floda Inn (Värdshus in Swedish) in Dalarna have to be my favorite!

Have you ever been to a workshop and what was your experience? A workshop can be so different depending on where you’re at, the people who sign up for the workshop and what it includes.

Sometimes I dream of hosting a workshop in Sweden where I could meet up with people from other parts of the world that follow me and share my values. Where we could eat, swim in the lake, go into the sauna, make some outdoor coffee over and open fire, and I could teach about storytelling & photography. That would honestly be a dream come true!

Photos in this gallery are shot by me but also by Rania from Northbound Photography.