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Northern Heart Webshop – online courses in photography & storytelling

At this current moment I am working on releasing a fee online courses within photography, styling & storytelling as well as presets to enable an easier and quicker way to edit YOUR photos.

Not only have I been asked several times if it would be possible for me to create presets or to include an online course in photography in my web shop, it is also something I love doing! I actually love teaching, if I could I would love to teach styling and storytelling as larger part of my career. There is something so special with teaching others the art of storytelling, and it’s always something that you can improve on. I know, because I improve every day.

Watching how an story can unfold because of how you edit or combine photos, how you add or remove styling props or the angle of which you shoot from…it makes such a big difference.

Me, my story is always created with a core in nature and the slow countryside life, and I hope that is evident in my photos. I want to inspire to an appreciation for the simple life, to go out into nature, to see the beauty in everyday life. If you’re a photographer – yes and inspiring ones or a hobby photographers counts too, what is your story? What are you sharing with the world and do you feel like you’re in control of the story you’re telling.

Sometimes people I meet say that they’re not working with storytelling on their social media and my answer to that is always the same; weather you are consciously telling the story you want to, by the photos you share, of if you just share photos without storytelling in mind..your feed is still telling a story. You can’t control that, it’s what happens when you share photos. They all goes into the story you’re sharing. The question is, do you want to be in control of it or not?

In my online courses, my aim will be just that. Teaching you how to tell the story you want, by editing the photos in a style that is true to you, how to combine them for best effect and how to control things like styling and props to get the best photos possible! (More information coming soon)