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Northern Lights is ab an amazing phenomena that occurs mostly in the Northern parts of Sweden. In Swedish Northern Lights are called Norrsken, and means just that; a light (sken) in the north (Norr). The colors can differ but most common colors are different variations of green.

A general rule of thumb is that Northern Lights appear from the beginning of September in the most northern parts of Sweden. As we go deeper and deeper into winter Northern Light can be seen further and further south in Norrland (the northern area in Sweden) and a bit further south of that border as well. But if one wants to be sure to see this beautiful phenomena best thing is to stay as far up north as possible!

Then, around the end of March the Northern Lights leaves us and are, slowly, exchanged for the midnight sun with all it’s magic!

The Sami people, the indigenous people of Sweden, believed that the Northern Lights was the souls of the dead and hence, you should show great respect or things could go bad. You weren’t allowed to sing or show any kind of joy when the Northern Light appeared or the light could just dip down and carry you with them into the afterlife.

If you want to learn more about traditions and myths about the Northern Lights, please check out my video above. For more posts about Swedish Traditions or Places to visit in Sweden, click on the links!

The best places in Sweden to see the Northern Lights are;

Kiruna, a smaller town in the northern parts of Sweden

Aurora Sky Station

Jukkasjärvi, where you can also find the Ice Hotel

Porjus, Laponia

I highly recommend staying for a few nights or a week in one of these places and cross your fingers that you get to experience the magic of the Northern Lights!