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One of the best places to go for a Swedish Fika when you’re somewhere close to the area Uppsala län is “Forsby Kvarn“. Forsby Kvarn sure is a labor of love and when you visit Forsby Kvarn, you can see it in all the old restored details around the property of the mill as well as feel it in the atmosphere. The old mill, “kvarn” is the Swedish word for “mill”, is carefully renovated with old sustainable methods and with the help of knowledgeable professionals, and you can both see it in the restored details and feel it in the atmosphere.

When Ibba and her husband Staffan bought the mill Ibba immediately felt she wanted to start a café in the old mill. And so, after several years of renovating the mill, the café opened in 2012. Here you can find great coffee, Sandwiches and different home made pastries for the perfect local Swedish fika. If you want to eat a slow-rise pizza, you can come here on Friday evenings, but call and book a table beforehand, the place fills up fast!

When coming here for a fika during the weekend, my favorite spot is under on of the trees, where I can enjoy the warm summer day while still be in the shadow. But there are many different spots to chose from, and if you’re into the picknick style of fika, you can borrow one of the blankets by the entrance and sit down in the grass for a classical Swedish fika!

Forsby kvarn uses ingredients from local farmers and producers and by going here for a Swedish fika or a pizza, you’re really supporting the area and the smaller farmers and producers that live and work here. For example meat and cheese from  Franzéns Charkuterier, veggies from  Mälby Trädgård and Sörgården Grönt and game (meat) from Refvelsta Gods to mention a few!

My tips is to order a sandwich, something to drink, a coffee and whatever bun they’re making that day! This time they had lemon buns and they were beyond amazing! You have to understand something when it comes to Swedish fika; there is a big difference eating a home made Swedish bun, no matter if it’s a cinnamon bun or a lemon bun, compared to the store bought versions or the ones served in larger coffee shops. They are not to be compared. And Forsby Kvarn’s buns, that’s the real deal my friends. This is what it should taste and feel like; soft, fresh, and delicious! The classical “sega kolakakor”, meaning chewy caramel cookies, are also a favorite of mine and a classical Swedish cookie as well and if you’re going all in on the sweet pastries, be sure to order one of those as well!

What do you think, would you want to come here for a classical Swedish fika? If you are, here are some information of their opening ours as well as their adress!

Opening hours:

Forsby Kvarn are open Saturdays and Sunday and a few carefully chosen Wednesdays during the autumn months, from April and then a little bit into December.

Fridays Pizza Night; 5 pm. to 9 pm.

Saturday & Sunday Swedish fika; 12 am to 4 pm. Sandwiches, cookies & pastries

Some Wednesdays during Autumn – 3 course dinner with focus on the harvest/autumn hunt, 6.30 pm to 10 pm


SIMTUNA FORSBY 4, 749 72 Fjärdhundra

Traveling by car, it takes about 50-60 minutes from Uppsala, 30 minutes from Enköping and 1 hour & 20 minutes from the central station in Stockholm.

Since this is a smaller place, further out in the countryside, be sure to double check their Facebook and/or call them to ensure that they are open before going there. Although, the area is beautiful with lots of cute little red houses where you really get a feel for the “real” Swedish countryside life, so worst comes to worst, you’ll get to experience what life in Sweden looks like!


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    July 21, 2020

    What a lovely place to spend an afternoon in the sun and chat. Thank you for indicating this cozy place Maria !

    • Reply

      Maria Bååth

      July 24, 2020

      It really is, I just love spending a slow afternoon at Forsby Kvarn. Glad you liked my post! <3

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    July 27, 2020

    What a beautiful place .Much ♡ to you.Take care

    • Reply

      Maria Bååth

      August 8, 2020

      It sure is a beautiful place, I am gad you liked following along! <3

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    August 1, 2020

    It’s a really beautiful place. Thank you for sharing the details of this place with us.

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      Maria Bååth

      August 8, 2020

      I am glad you liked it, it’s def one of my favorite places! <3