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After my Stroke, I wasn’t sure how it would all evolve. As I mentioned in my “What I did to turn my life around & how you can too” blog post not everything happened at once. The creativity part, and what I spent my time doing, the friends I hanged out with and so on, that changed within the following weeks and months.

Changing career took a little longer, bu in about 2 years after my Stroke I started working as a food photographer, stylist and blogger and I was just working towards trying to find my niche and making it work. 3 years later me and my partner had moved out into the countryside and gotten our first little furry baby; Doris who was swiftly followed my our second furry baby Märta.

And with that last action – to move out to the countryside,  life as I had known i before my Stroke was utterly and completely changed. I had changed my mindset, my values, and what I worked with. I had changed what and who I surrounded myself with and what my home and work looked like.

My life now meant working from home with one foot in the forest and one foot in the digital world. Each day I try to be present in those small moments in life, to see the details and to not take it for granted.

Having one foot in the digital world, sharing my love for Swedish traditions, places to visit, food and the countryside lifestyle makes me so happy. But what makes me equally happy is the fact that I live with nature just at my doorstep. Taking an hour long walk after lunch regaining energy, reducing stress and taking care of my health for me is more valuable than a higher salary or a cool title- not that I mind having both.

I am living my life slow and mindful, prioritizing quality over quantity, less over more, presence and purpose over hustle and stress. In the process of increasing my life quality, I also “made” myself a morning person. Something that might sound weird but that’s quite possible – if you want to and have a strong inner motivation.

One ting that made me exhausted, tired and doing “stress work” instead of my “best work” was the fact that I was an evening person. “Always have been, always will be” was my attitude towards it. Until one day where I actually managed to wake up at about 7 am and then that day was followed by several days where I woke up early. I quickly realized how much more I got done in one day,  that I didn’t feel tired like i usually did, that I felt calmer, more positive and didn’t experience the same exhausted feeling of fatigue that I had viewed as natural rather than a sign that something was wrong.

As a photographer, being present and awake early mornings is kind of key. At least if you love nature photography like I do, and love experiencing and shooting foggy fields, delicate flower petals and anything and everything in-between. All those moments happens early morning, even though there is a lot of beauty in the golden hour of sunset too.

So I simply decided that I was going to make myself a morning person, simple as that. If you’re curios, you can read more about how I did that HERE.  It took until I moved to the countryside to fully incorporate a slow morning routine into my life. I tried a bit living in city, but the big change for me came when I changed scenery.  It’s like I needed nature to support me in my slow morning routine. The crackling fireplace during autumn and winter, and the fog and chirping birds during spring and summer really helped me find the balance I was looking for.

And that is how long it took to change my life and what it looks like now. It wasn’t a quick fix, but it wasn’t impossible either. I think changes takes time, some happens quicker and some takes a longer time to implement into your life. It’s just the natural order of things.