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If you’re from another country with another type of climate it might be hard to imagine the days being dark from you get up, until your head hits the pillow. This is not applicable for all areas in Sweden, but our Swedish winters are dark with little daylight and hence, it’s great to learn more of how to manage the dark Swedish winters should you ever move here or visit our amazing country for a longer period of time!

The darkness are harder for some, and easier for others, but most people get effected by the darker season in these Nordic climate. The good thing is, there are several things you can do to better manage the dark Swedish winters. Both in terms of attitude but also what you do on a daily basis as well as vitamins you eat and the routines you have in your life.

In this video I share my best tips of how you can manage the dark Swedish winters! Watch it to learn more about daylight and exercise and why you shouldn’t sleep in – or at least not do it too often or too much, what Vitamins are good to add to your diet, how you ca utilize the season, enjoying the comfort food of this season, how to work on your attitude and of course – my favorite cozy playlist to go with this season!