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Did you know that I created a Swedish Christmas Calendar series with 24 episodes that includes many of our Swedish Christmas traditions as well as myths, folklore and recipes? All the episodes can be accessed on my YouTube channel Northern Heart and there are many different topics covered in my Swedish Christmas series.

Everything from how to make thin crispy Swedish gingerbread cookies; “pepparkakor” – they do not taste like other gingerbread cookies, how to have a mindful advent fika, the traditions of the Swedish Christmas Late Night show before Christmas Eve, the Swedish Yule Goat in the city Gävle, Swedish Christmas Candy, our Swedish Santa Claus or “tomte”, the Swedish fir tree bonanza, the rules of the Swedish Chocolate box, the history behind the Swedish Angelic chimes, the magical story of the Swedish rice porrige, how to interact with a Swede during Christmas and much, much more!

Click on the link above if you want to watch my Swedish Christmas Calendar or on the links below if you’re curious about how to make the Swedish saffron buns or find out more of how we decorate our homes during Christmas!