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To say that all Swedes decorate their home the same way would, of course, be a lie. But looking into the homes of family, friends, other relatives and random strangers on the internet, there are several similarities in our Swedish Christmas Decorations.

I think many Swedes have a simplicity to their decorations, even remembering Grandma’s collections of little “Christmas gnomes”, or “jultomar”, as we call them. One decoration that is a must in almost every home, is the “adventsstjärna” which is the paper star you see me talking about in this video.

I don’t think I have ever been to a home that doesn’t display this lovely decoration in one way or another. Larger, smaller, on a stand, hanging from the window…the variations are many. I personally love these paper stars that are often lit from the inside using a light bulb with a low watt.

The Swedish Christmas Decorations also, very often, include some sort of evergreen like spruce twigs. Not just in the form of the Christmas Tree, but also in front of our door or twigs placed in a vase as decoration. If you want to check out my Swedish Christmas calendar episode about our Swedish Christmas tree “Julgran” or learn more about or Swedish Spruce tree mayhem during Christmas, click on the links and they will tak you there!

God Jul! (Merry Christmas in Swedish)