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The Swedish Semla & our Fat Tuesday celebration is an important spring tradition! In this video I’m letting you in on our Swedish Semla traditions! Is it true that we eat several millions of this pastry at “Fat Tuesday” celebration? Did someone really get fined for baking and serving this pastry too early in the season? Which king Died due to eating too many Semlor? Watch this video to find out all the important facts about our Swedish Semla.

In Sweden the traditions is to eat a Semla (or several) only during this time of the season, and the month leading up to it, but you can make a semla any day of the year if you want to. Just be sure to eat it in the privacy of your own home 😉

The recipe link to make your own Semla is HERE with instructions of how to make mini bite size version as well as a vegan version – so that you can find out how to make a Semla that is to your liking! Enjoy!