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This is the first part of the story of why all the houses in Sweden are red. Of course, houses do come in different colors, but the red color is a tradition here in Sweden and in many places red is a very common color of wooden houses. Many are red with white or very light grey trims, something that I personally love!

The story of the RED houses have 2 parts, this being the first one. It includes a King and his delusions of grandeur and how the noble followed in his foot steps. Painting your house in red became a status symbol and something to be desired! You could very well say that the King was the major influencer when it comes to painting both roof and houses red!

You can find part 2, in why why “all” our Swedish houses are painted red here. And beside the historical aspects of the red houses, aren’t they beautiful against the white snow but also the green lushes forest we have in our country?!